Research Areas

CHARIS has identified the following as broad areas within which there exist numerous opportunities for research. Specific research questions are invited. One of the goals of CHARIS is to facilitate investigation in these areas by engaging highly qualified scholars to undertake such projects, provide the resources necessary to carry out their research, and disseminate the findings of such research.

Lutheran Elementary Schools
Lutheran Elementary School Enrollments
Research Update: WELS Baptism Rates Lower in Congregations with School
Research Update: The Lutheran Elementary School, Early Childhood Education, and Congregational Ministry Focus
Effective Evangelistic Churches:
Research Update: Effective Evangelistic Churches
Church Leadership:
styles, attributes, organizational context
Religion and the Media:
media bias, how Christians are portrayed, how the church can use the media
Culture and the Church:
influence, values, attitudes, communication, diversity, tolerance, post-modernity
Membership Profiles:
behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, values among Lutherans, the youth drain
the new medium for evangelism, challenges to the Gospel
Moral Development of Children

Those interested in posing specific questions or problems should address them to Rev. Dr. Ron Heins, executive director of CHARIS.

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