Second Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 27 - 28, 2002

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A Correlational Study of Body Image and Perceived Parental Nurturance in College Females
Crystal D. Paul

How Socioeconomic Status Affects Language Arts Learners
Aleah Bakken

Locus of Control and Embarrassability Among College Students
Amanda Hart

A Correlational Study of Post-Divorce Adjustment and Religious Coping Strategies in Young Adults of Divorced Families
Elizabeth Regen Kasberger

Perceptions of Young Women Regarding Menopause
Nina Fecteau

Measurements of Identity and Communication
Trevor Christian Sanchez

Phase Diagram of the Nitric Acid/Water System: Implications for Polar Stratospheric Clouds
Anne R. Hansen

Weight Locus of Control and Smoking Among High School and College Females
Angela Banitt

Our Environment: A Blessing to Cherish
Amy Hagen

Health Behaviors and Academic Performance Among College Students
Angela Banitt

In Search of the AntiChrist
Elizabeth Clemons

The Mistake That Changed France
Erin Sternberg

Il paese dove nor si muore mai: Peter Pan and Today's Society
Sarah Elizabeth Krocker

America's Prayers: A Brief Discussion of It's a Wonderful Life
Molly Kuenzi

Erasmus' Praise Of Folly: A Renaissance Work
Victoria Rahn

Rìo Bravo
Neil Blomquist

True Lies: Metaphysical games in Borges' "Emma Zunz"
Rebecca Porinsky

Is Christzen Christian?
Elizabeth Unnasch