First Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 28 - 29, 2001

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Presentations I - Post-Modernism and the Christian Faith

  1. Sin in the Light of the Cross
    Theodore Miglautsch

  2. Postmodernism and the Family: A Christian Response to Post-Modern Trends in Family and Divorce
    Joshua Becker

  3. The Relationship Between Spirituality and Well-Being
    Rachel Richter

  4. The Dangers of Integrating Secular Psychology and Christianity
    Daniel Tomczyk

  5. The Third Use of the Law in Post-Modern Christian Living
    Sara-Jean Dostal

Presentations II - The Natural Sciences and the Scientific Mind

  1. The Role of Prostaglandins in Cancer Cells
    Nathan Laabs

  2. Macrophytes in Pewaukee Lake - Fall 2000
    Brooke Berg, Heidi Schalow
    Color Map · Transect Map · Barge · Data Sheet · Bibliography

  3. Thromboxane A2: Receptor Research
    Angela Schmoldt

  4. Care and Prevention of Injury in Today's Athlete
    Kyle Borchert

  5. Phase Diagram and Atmospheric Significance of the Nitric Acid/ Water Binary System
    Chanda Ciriacks

Presentations III - Perspectives from the Humanities

  1. Mill-itant Ladies: A Look Into Mill's Thoughts on the Nature of Women
    Molly Kuenzi

  2. Maier's "In the Fullness of Time"
    Rebecca Lee

  3. Faith and Reason: Relationship and Connections Explored
    Rachel Richter

  4. The Sublime
    Sarah Krocker

  5. Ancient Greek Verse
    Victoria Rahn

Presentations IV - Cultural Diversity and the Evangelistic Mission of the Church

  1. Reaching Today's Students with the One Message that Matters
    Nathan Raddatz

  2. The Illusion of the Rapture
    Rachel Mau

  3. Assessing World Views
    Susan Sonnabend

  4. Public Policy Analysis and School Choice
    Stephen Sigrist

  5. The Dead Sea Scrolls
    Janet Bull